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Enrollment Module

  • Enable Students and Trainees to enroll in courses and exams.
  • Enrolment fees collection by integrated payment gateway.
  • Multiple course enrolment payment processing.
  • Customizable enrolment process and forms.
  • SMS or Email confirmation.

Secure Login

  • User friendly admin section
  • Two-step verification required for every sign-in maintaining the security of the admin panel. Phone number and email both can be used as the verification medium.

Payments & Admin Dashboard

  • View student statistics like Total Students, Active and Deactivated Students
  • View Total Course count and Course-wise student and content count
  • View Total Group count and Group-wise student and exam count
  • View total Lecture Video and Lecture Notes count and course-wise content percentages
  • View total Live Exam and Practice Exam count and course-wise Exam percentages
  • View total question count and course-wise question distribution
  • View total Branch and Total Admin User Count
  • Course fee payment summery
  • Filter payments/income by date
  • Filter payments/income by course types
  • Download payment/ income report in CSV

Course Management

  • Create New Course
  • Edit and update existing courses
  • Add subjects to a course and lectures to a subject
  • Remove subjects and lectures from a course
  • Add and remove contents to/from subjects or lectures
  • Control the access of contents

User Management

  • Creating new user and assigning level of access
  • Maintaining contact details of user
  • Editing user information and deleting user
  • Creating User groups

Student/Trainee Management

  • Invite running student to register in the system
  • Activate and Deactivate Trainee
  • Edit student’s information and delete them
  • Search and Filter Trainee list and download filtered/sorted list
  • View Result and Performance summary of each student from the student list

Group/Branch Management

  • Create New Groups
  • Add students to a group
  • Delete students from a group
  • Manage content access of specific groups
  • Publish/unpublished Exams
  • Combine result to generate merit lists
  • Create New Branches
  • Edit and Delete existing branches

Content Management

  • Add lecture videos and lecture notes to a course
  • Edit and delete existing videos and/or lecture notes from a course
  • Manage content orders
  • Control content access to different student groups

Exam Managment

  • Create new exam by uploading new questions or selecting approved questions from question bank
  • Edit questions of an already created exam
  • Approve all question of an exam and approve the exam after ensuring the content quality
  • Copy previous exams to create new exam effortlessly
  • Print Exam papers and export them
  • Set Exam Criteria, type, duration and marking system
  • Assess written answers submitted by students and give marks
  • Provides notes to student for specific answers. This helps the students to easily learn from their mistakes
  • Publish exam results.

Question Bank

  • Create new questions with explanations and add them to specific chapters/lectures
  • Edit already added questions and associated explanations
  • Approve questions by ensuring question quality
  • Reject questions that are below standard.

Notification Management

  • Create Notices and send to different student groups
  • Previous notifications are saved in history and can be sent again easily
  • Notification can be sent as SMS

Live Exams

  • Students can easily participate in live exams. When an exam is scheduled, students receive a notification about the exam. When the exam time appears student can start and enroll in the exam by a click.
  • Every student is given a different set, so the order of the question of an exam are unique for every student. This helps reducing cheating during the examination.
  • Student can see the remaining time of an exam.
  • Student can see the number of answered question during an exam.
  • Students can type the answer of written questions and they can also upload images of their handwritten papers and reorder them as necessary.
  • Students can carry on their exams offline. When they are online again, their given answers will be submitted.
  • There are two types of exams: Live Exam and Practice Exam. Students can retake practice exams as many times as they want. Students get instant result for practice exam just after submitting

Performance Reports

  • Students get notification after a Live exam result is published. They can view their result by a single click.
  • On the result page student will view a summary of their result at the top including total marks, correct answers, incorrect answers, merit position etc.
  • On the result page, students can view the right answers of the MCQ question
  • On the result page, students can view the explanation of each question and learn from them
  • Student can also view any notes given by the teacher while assessing their papers.

Video & Notes Upload

  • Add Lecture Videos and Lecture Notes to a chapter or lecture of a subject within a course
  • View preview of existing contents
  • Edit details of existing contents
  • Delete Existing contents

Question Upload

  • Create new questing using in-built question editor
  • Add mathematical and scientific symbols and formulas using kaTeX. Real time rendering helps the uploader to view the output of the KaTeX while typing.
  • Add ima es, PDF files and Links toa uestion
  • Add Images as option of MCQ questions
  • Save questions to a specific directory within a course
  • Edit question according to Trainer suggestion

View Courses

  • From the My Course Section a student can view the course contents.
  • within a course a student will view the subjects of that course. Each subject contains a list of Chapters/ lectures. Video Lectures and Lecture Notes are available within each Chapter/Lecture.
  • Students can play the lecture videos instantly and can control the speed and quality of a video.
  • Students can view the available lecture notes and downloads them as necessary.
  • Student can view the completion percentage of a subject and overall course.
  • Whenever a new content is available, students will get notification about them.
  • After completing a course, a student will get certificateissued by the system.


  • Add Certification for courses.
  • Students or Trainees Can Download and Share certificates.

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